Advantages and Disadvantages of Leverage

Leverage is the term which is used in the context of finance and it refers to that process where a company takes debt and uses it in the business so as to make profits. The idea behind taking leverage is that rate of profit will be much higher than the cost of debt and due [...]


Stop Loss Order – Meaning, Example, Advantages and Disadvantages

Stop Loss Order Meaning All of you must be using mobile and the moment mobile battery goes below 20 percent it will trigger a beep and message comes in mobile that your battery is low and after seeing that message you quickly charge the mobile. Stop loss order works pretty much, in the same way, [...]


Advantages and Disadvantages of Vertical Communication

Vertical communication is omnipresent as far as the corporate world is concerned because without vertical communication it will be very difficult to run a company smoothly. Vertical communication is the process where the flow of orders is from top to bottom and flow of information is from both top to bottom and bottom to top. [...]


Objectives of Accounting

Accounting for business can be compared to food and water for human body, just like food and water are necessary for the survival of human body similarly accounting is necessary for the survival of business and hence any company cannot take accounting for granted. Accounting has many important objectives, let’s look at some of the [...]


Examples of Startup Cost

When a baby is born there are many expenses which are incurred and majority of them are of one-time nature that is they are not needed again, in the same way when a business is started it can be compared to newborn baby and there are many expenses which are incurred for one time only [...]


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