Advantages and Disadvantages of Borrowed Capital

Every company which is doing business has to borrow capital from outside as it is not practically possible to fund the expansion of the business through owners own funds. Borrowed capital is like oxygen mask which gives a new lease of life to business dying due to the shortage of funds. Borrowed capital refers to [...]


Difference between Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneur and entrepreneurship both are related are related to managing a company which is owned by the individual. While many people consider both as same but there are many differences between the two, if being an entrepreneur is the start of the journey then entrepreneurship is the goal or end of that journey. Let’s look [...]


Corporate Travel Management Tips

Corporate travel management refers to that method through which the company negotiates with various vendors for not only travel but all other things related to travel like staying arrangement of the employees traveling, security of employees and other miscellaneous expenses related to travel. The basic idea behind corporate travel management function in the company is [...]


Advantages and Disadvantages of Protectionism

In battlefield injured or weak soldiers are often kept behind so as to protect them from rival soldiers and this act of putting weak or injured soldiers at the back of strong soldiers can be termed as protectionism. Protectionism is the word used in the context of international trade, it refers to those actions of [...]


High Ratio Mortgage Meaning

In the case of examination if an individual scores a particular percentage than he or she is considered as pass in the examination, similarly in the case of mortgage an individual has to pass the down payment test if he or she does not want to come into high ratio mortgage bracket. Under mortgage for [...]


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