High Ratio Mortgage Meaning

In the case of examination if an individual scores a particular percentage than he or she is considered as pass in the examination, similarly in the case of mortgage an individual has to pass the down payment test if he or she does not want to come into high ratio mortgage bracket. Under mortgage for [...]


BCG Matrix Advantages and Disadvantages

In case of English we all have read letters BCD and in case of management, all management students read the letters BCG. BCG matrix is the term used in the context of management. Full form of BCG matrix is Boston Consulting Group Matrix. BCG matrix has four types of scenarios with respect to the market [...]


Cardinal and Ordinal Approach of Utility

Utility, when used in economics, refers to that satisfaction which is achieved by the consumer when he or she consumes the good or service. The more the satisfaction greater will be the utility of good or service which in turn will lead to higher demand for that particular good or service. It is very difficult [...]


Angel Investor Advantages and Disadvantages

Angel Investor Meaning Parents, when their children are in trouble or looking for some motivation, tells stories where angel do miracles, parents tell these stories as it gives them hope and happiness. In finance angle investors refer to those investors who invest capital into small start-ups or business, in simple words in finance angel investors [...]


Advantages and Disadvantages of Economic Growth

Salaried people are happy when their salary increases year on year similarly students become happy when their marks increase year on year, in the same way, the nation as a whole become happy when there is economic growth. Economic growth refers to that growth in which the country as a whole produces more output in [...]


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