10 Core Product Examples

Products are used by everyone in their day to day lives; product basically refers to something which is tangible and it is ready for use. There are many levels of product and core level is one of them. The dictionary meaning of core is center and in case of consumers core means basic need for which consumers are purchasing the product. Given below are 10 core product examples –

  1. When one goes to restaurant food is core product because a hungry customer will not look at ambiance or customer service rather he or she will be satisfied when he or she is served good quality food.
  2. When one goes to hotel for staying rest and sleep is the core benefit which one is looking rather than location, food or various other facilities.
  3. When one is purchasing a mobile the core product in case of mobile is whether one will be able to talk with that mobile or not rather than various other functions like android, memory, touch screen etc…
  4. When one is buying camera the main reason behind buying it is to take good quality pictures from it rather than looking at various other functions like how many pixels pictures it takes or whether it takes high definition pictures or not and so on.
  5. When one goes to watch a movie the core product is the entertainment which one gets from watching a movie rather than eating popcorn or sitting on push-back seats.
  6. When one goes to bank as a customer the core product in case of bank would be customer service and solving the problems and not providing facilities like internet banking, debit and credit cards etc…., which are augmented products.
  7. When one is traveling in plane the customer would first look to reach the destination without delay rather than looking at services like business lounges, restaurant in airport, extra baggage facility and so on.
  8. In case of schools and universities the core product is how well they impart quality education to their students and everything else like college campus, placement record; faculties are secondary and cannot be classified as core products.
  9. In case of consumer buying car the main reason for buying it is to travel from one place to another rather than looking at other features like mileage, air bags, audio system and so on.
  10. In case of emails the core product will be ease in sending and receiving mails rather than how much storage it is providing or integrating ones social profile with email and so on.
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