A2Z Maintenance & Engineering Services IPO

A2Z Maintenance & Engineering Services is an engineering, procurement and construction company and provides services to the power transmission and distribution sector. A2Z Maintenance & Engineering Services is coming with an IPO of an issue size Rs. 750 Crore . The company has fixed the issue price of its share between Rs. 400-410 Per Equity Share. The issue of A2Z Maintenance & Engineering Services opens on 8 December 2010 and will close on 10 December 2010. Company had made sales of Rs 1122 Crores in 2010 and profit before tax for the company stands at Rs 154 Crores.

The object of this public issue by the company is investment in three biomass based power cogeneration projects of 15 MW each in the State of Punjab, investment in five biomass-based power generation projects of 15 MW each in the State of Rajasthan and also repayment of a loan granted by L&T Infrastructure Finance Company Limited to the company. IDFC Capital, DSP Merrill Lynch, Enam Securities, ICICI Securities and SBI Capital Markets are the book running lead managers to this public offering of A2Z Maintenance & Engineering Services.

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