Advantages of Own Business

Starting own business is a dream which almost every person sees but only few have the courage to leave their job and start a business because it is risky however if you have the right attitude and vision than there is no such risk. Given below are some of the advantages of own business –

Boss is No More

The biggest advantage is that you are your own boss; imagine a scenario where there is no constant fear of meeting deadline which is set by your supervisor. I know many would say that when you get promotion you no longer have that problem but believe me there is no such position in a job where you can be your own boss.

Goodbye Humiliation

The biggest problem of a job is that there is not a single day when you are not humiliated and when after serving for 30 to 35 years of job you look back at your life you always repent that did I do all hard work for getting embarrassed by individuals who do not care about the precious time and effort which I had given to the company. When you have your own business you can at least say goodbye to humiliation forever.

Long-lasting Respect

When you are doing a job you get respect from your juniors and colleagues in your company and from people who are related to that job but once you retire from a job than same people would ignore you and they will treat as if you are nobody and forget all the things but if you are a businessman people will be in contact with you as long as you are alive and they will never mistreat you because in business you make long lasting relationship unlike a job where your relationship are professional and not personal.

Insurance at its best

A business acts as an insurance because in a job if you die than your wife or child cannot do that job which you were doing, however if you die while doing business than business can be looked after by your family members and therefore it acts as an insurance for your family members in case anything happens to you.

Motivation at work

Today corporates all over the world spend millions of dollars in order to give motivational classes to their employees so that they can work effectively and with efficiency. However If you are doing a business you can work for many hours without feeling tired and you know what is the reason for it, well the answer is motivation because when you are doing something for yourself you will not require any motivation from somebody else as it is generated within you and history is filled with examples where a motivated individual is capable of managing as well as dismantling the whole empire and here you have to just manage a business.

I have only highlighted the key advantages, apart from above there are many other advantages of running own business and if you are one of those individuals who has clear plan, dedication and take risks which comes with business then you can surely develop a successful business for yourself and your family members.

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