Apple Company Profile

Apple is a multinational company and it is known for its iconic brands like iPod and iPhone, apart from these products company also sells a variety of consumer electronic products, software and provides other online services. The market cap of apple is close to 710 billion dollars in the year 2016. Given below is the company profile of Apple –

  1. Established Date and Year – It’s established date is 1st of April and the year was 1976
  2. Employee Strength – Between 110000 to 120000
  3. Area of Operations or business – Its main area of business is smartphone market and various services needed for the same and it is also quite popular in laptop and desktop segment through its Mac operating system.
  4. Headquarters – Cupertino in California
  5. Founder of the Company – It was established by three people whose name are Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne, and Steve Wozniak.
  6. Competitors – Competitors of Apple are companies like Samsung, Microsoft, LG, Motorola and other smartphone manufacturing companies.
  7. Subsidiaries of Apple – Some of the subsidiaries of apple are FileMaker Inc, Anobit, Authen Tec, Primesense, metaio, Braeburn Capital, Beats Electronics, Apple sales international and so on
  8. Company Website
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