General and Special Crossing of Cheques

Crossing means putting two parallel transverse lines across the face of a cheque, It is an instruction to the paying banker to pay the amount of cheque through a banker only and not to the person presenting it at the counter of bank. In other words crossed cheque can paid through banker only. Crossing can be done by drawer, banker or holder. A general crossing can be converted into a special crossing. Crossing of cheque is of 2 types –

1. General Crossing – It is a cheque which bears across its face two parallel transverse lines without any words as (‘and company’ ‘or & Co.’) written in between these two lines.

2. Special Crossing – It is a cheque in which the name of the bank is written between the two parallel lines and hence it can be paid to that specific banker only.

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  • swati garg

    sir plzz i want answer for my question

    difference between general crossing and special crossing

    • Vinish

      I have already mentioned it in the above post

  • vinolin

    Hi. What is the difference between “only”, “not negotiable” (not between 2 lines) and “account payee only” ?

  • Funtoosh

    sir I want to specially cross a cheque. The problem is that where to write the name of bank since there is no enough space on the top left corner of the cheque to write the name of the bank.
    Can we write the name of bank anywhere on the bank wherever the space is avaialble
    Please upload a sample picture of specially cross cheque with the name of bank written on it.
    sincerely yours & C0.

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