How to Withdraw Cash from Banks

In this article I will not be talking about withdrawing cash through check or from ATM but I would tell you about the process through which you can withdraw cash from bank by going personally as majority of individuals who go first time in the bank face the problem of having no idea about the process, given below is a step by step process for withdrawing cash from the bank –

Step One: Passbook

You should carry with you your passbook which is provided by the bank.

Step Two : Withdrawl Slip

– Once you enter into the bank you should look for withdrawal slip which is kept at the counter or desk at the entrance of branch, if you do not find any such counter you can ask for it from bank employees or even security guard.

Step Three: Particulars

After obtaining the withdrawal slip you have to fill various particulars in the withdrawal slip like amount which you wish to withdraw in words, account number, date, and name of drawer.

Step Four: Signature

Once you have filled all the particulars you have to sign at the place of signature on the slip, and that sign should match with specimen signature which is there with the bank.

Step Five: Payment

Once you have done signatures you should give that withdrawal slip along with passbook to cashier who will cross check all the particulars and then the cashier will make the payment across the counter. One thing should be noted that up to certain limit cashier himself can make the payment across the counter, however if the withdrawal amount is more than withdrawal slip will go to higher authority for authorization and then only you will receive the payment.

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  • pandarinath

    whether the customer should sign on the reverse of the withdrawal slip while receiving cash from the cash counter

    • Vinish Parikh

      Yes customer should sign on the reverse of the withdrawal slip before giving it to cashier for payment

  • sujata Ray

    can i withdraw money from different branch of same bank using passbook?

    • Vinish Parikh

      No you cannot withdraw money from different branch using passbook, you have to use check for withdrawing money from branch other than your home branch.

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