Interest on Drawing Journal Entry

Drawings is the term used in the context of partnership, it refers to that amount or goods which the partners has withdrawn from the business. Interest on drawing is levied on outstanding amount and it will be charged until the individual repay back to the company and therefore from the point of view of the business it is considered as income, the reason being that according to business entity concept, the company and owners of the firm are considered to be different person and not same and therefore any personal transaction of the owner is to be treated as transaction from outside party in the books of accounts. Given below is the journal entry for interest on drawings –

Drawing Account Dr

   To Interest on drawing account

As one can see that business will get income in the form of interest that is the reason why it is credited.

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  • SH

    I have two doubts, actually; regarding interest on [1] capital and [2] interest on drawings.

    Why do we Credit “Capital” a/c in [1]? Isn’t capital decreasing?


    Why do we Debit “Drawings” a/c in [2]?

    • bhupendra

      As interst on capital is an expenses of a firm that has be paid to shareholders, so it is debited.
      drawing is the amount withdrawn by shareholder for personal use, so it bears interest which is treated as income of a firm, so it is credited .

  • pawan kumar

    Why Drawing a/c is debited.. is it receiver.

  • Bibhuti Bhusan Swain

    if the proprietor withdraws money for domestic use and liable to pay interest on drawings .
    my view point is,
    (1) when withdraws :-
    drawings account/capital accont…..Dr.
    to cash a/c
    (reverse entry of introduce of cash)
    (2) incurs interest on drawings:-
    drawings account/capital a/c ….Dr
    to interest on drawings a/c
    (3) amount received from pro. against drawings:
    cash a/c…..Dr
    to drawings/ capital a/c
    (to cancel the previous entry )

    isn’t it ????

  • Himanshu wagh

    In above question why we don’t debit the cash a/c in interest on drawing question .
    And why not credit cash a/c on interest on capital question

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