Market Standing Examples

Market standing is the term used in relation to business; it refers to the ranking of a company in an industry in comparison to its competitors. It is also known as market share, if one looks at objective of any business, one of the main objectives of business would be to improve the market standing of the company because higher standing implies that companies strategies are working and its products are gaining popularity. Given below are some of the examples of market standing or market share –

  1. Android and iPhone competing in mobile operating system to improve their share.
  2. LG and Samsung competing in Electronics segment.
  3. Dell and HP in personal computers segment.
  4. Xbox and PS 3 in gaming.
  5. McDonald and KFC in Fast food.
  6. Pepsi and Coke in Soft drinks.
  7. Mercedes and BMW in luxury cars.
  8. JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley in Banking.

Above examples were for products only, however this can be applied to individuals also, like in movie industry you have competition between Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise in Hollywood about who has higher followers, or in bollywood who is better Salman or Shahrukh.

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