Buyer Decision Process Example

Buying a product which is of the high price is not done instantly rather there is a process through which the buyer makes a decision whether to buy a product or not and that process is called buyer decision process. The first stage of that process is the finding the problem after which the consumer [...]


Flipping Houses – Meaning, Example and How it Works

Flipping House Meaning Flipping House is the term which is used in the context of real estate market. The dictionary meaning of flipping is to spin or rotate and in case of real estate market, it refers to that strategy by which an individual purchases a house with an intention to sell it for profit [...]


Advantages and Disadvantages of Premium Pricing

Premium pricing is a marketing strategy which is used by the companies, under this strategy company sells the product at the substantially higher price in comparison to its competitors so as to target those customers who purchase products due to products high price. In order to understand this concept better let’s look at advantages and [...]


Bear Call Spread – Meaning, Example and Breakeven

Bear Call Spread Meaning Bear call spread is the term used in the context of options trading. In case of stock markets, the word bear implies a decline in price and as the name suggests bear call spread is used when one is expecting a decline in the price of the underlying asset. In bear, [...]


Advantages and Disadvantages of Proportional Taxation

Proportional taxation refers to that system of taxation in which the tax rate is uniform for all the taxpayers, so under this system, whether one is rich or poor he or she has to pay the tax at the same rate. In order to understand about this system of taxation let’s look at some of [...]


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