Qualities of a CEO

While investing in any company in stock market one should also look at the CEO that is chief executive officer of the company in which one is making the investments. Since it will be CEO who will be making all decision relating to the company it is important to look certain qualities which sets CEO apart from other individuals, given below are some of the qualities of CEO –

1. A CEO should be a risk taker because any business involves numerous risks and person who cannot take the risk cannot succeed and therefore it is much better to have CEO who is willing to take risks rather than those CEO who do not want to take risk. However that risk which CEO is taking should be rational and calculative.

2. CEO must think broader in scope and should do thorough analysis and study of the industry in which the company is operating so that he or she can identify the trends and the current status of the industry and take advantage of opportunities which will emerge out of such events.

3. CEO should be able to communicate efficiently and effectively with all people, which include employees of the company, creditors, government officials etc…

4. CEO should have a great vision. He should be able to foresee what is good for the company and what is not and CEO should also be able to foresee potential problems or events which may affect the business of the company and therefore taking preventive measures to make sure that company does not suffer loss due to such event.

5. CEO should be a competent person who can take decision quickly and effectively as in today’s competitive world one cannot afford to delay the decision as it will result in loss of money as well as opportunities for the company.

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