Similarity between Hair and Money

Hair and money are two unrelated topics but when you look closely they have certain uncanny similarities and these similarities can be found out only by the person who is struggling or has problems with both of them, now let’s look at some of the similarities between hair and money –

  1. Both of them are important for the ego of the person because the person having more hair will be more confident then the person who is having less hair similar is the case with money the person having more money will be more confident than the person having less money.
  2. Hair tends to grow bigger every 2 to 3 months and an individual needs to cut or manage them so as to look good in the same way money needs to be managed in a disciplined way otherwise it will leave the individual and without money a person will look bad.
  3. It’s always a trouble if you are losing it more than what you are gaining so in case of hairs if you are losing 50 hairs a day then it is not a problem however if you are losing 200 hairs per day then it will be a problem, similarly in case of money if your monthly income is $3000 which turns out to be $100 daily and if you daily expense is below $100 then it will not be a problem, however, the moment your daily expense rise above $100 then you will be in trouble.
  4. If an individual wants healthy hair he or she needs to live a disciplined life in which he or she needs to eat healthy foods, avoid bad habits like tobacco and smoking, and take proper care of hairs. In the same way in case of money one needs to be financially disciplined and avoid bad habits like overspending, betting, excessive use of credit cards and so on if one wants to have the healthy bank balance.
  5. Another similarity between hair and money is that with age hair changes color, in the same way, money has different use according to the age of individual so at young age people need money for entertainment purpose like going to movies, partying with friends and so on, and when an individual matures he or she needs money for fulfilling his or her family needs like expense of children’s education, house rent or EMI of house and so on and when an individual grows old he or she needs money for possible expenses on health of the individual.

As one can see from the above that both hair and money have many uncanny similarities and an individual will love to have both together that is plenty of money as well as hairs.

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